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Holograms Wallpapers Pack

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Holograms Wallpapers Pack

Prestige Digitals
4 ratings

Easy New Way to Refresh all your Devices Look Easily!

Myself when I was a teenager I was obsessed with perfecting my desktop look from using custom themes to changing wallpapers every day. I always felt that need & now I’m fulfilling it for myself and everyone by creating handmade wallpapers, templates, presets…

The "Holograms" wallpaper pack features 10 beautiful colors to choose from, so you can liven up any device this summer. Each one is available in the regular size for desktops and laptops, as well as a horizontal version for smartphones and tablets. Whether it's your work or home computers, or for on-the-go mobile devices - we've got you covered!

✅ Fresh your Desktop, and Phone Look with Various Options in every pack

✅ Get excited to work & be productive because of the motivation of your new wallpapers

✅ Instant Almost Cost-free transformation for your setup look without any accessories

✅ Never feel tired of how your setup will look

✅ 10 4K & Phone resolutions for all Devices

✅ Match your setup look with your favorite Creator


Beach - Wallpaper

Chaos - Wallpaper

Dawn - Wallpaper

Divergent - Wallpaper

Fraise - Wallpaper

Honey - Wallpaper

Lavander - Wallpaper

Nightfall - Wallpaper

River - Wallpaper

Sand - Wallpaper

Used & Loved by Many creators ⬇️⬇️

I want you to walk with me for a moment

Come with me into the very near future and imagine yourself weeks from now. Did you notice how your setup is looking more Fresh and how you are so excited to work after you were Bored easily before. In just few seconds you remember back to when you first read that Attractive wallpapers name letter some days ago and you remember a feeling you had.

"This sounds like something i absolutely have to try for myself these wallpapers looks so Beautiful!, I have nothing to lose. Remember that today.

You're feeling pretty darn good about that decision aren't you?

You bet. Your faith was rewarded and now a person Enjoys working on their Desktop, Phone… and happier whenever you start your work every morning.

That’s my Duty: to deliver Inspirational wallpapers to Skyrocket everyone's motivation & all that Good feelings with entirely eliminating the Bad Boring days.

Get Your Almost Cost free Wallpapers now ⬇️⬇️

If you have any questions on how to download your files, feel free to message me on Instagram @prestigewallpaper or @aliensetups

If you like the wallpapers please leave us a review it will help a lot.


This is an instant download product. Digital files will be available after your purchase. No physical item will be sent or shipped to you.


1. Download and unzip the .zip file

2. Save the items in the .zip file to your (iPhone/Android) or (PC/Mac)

3. Enjoy them and Tag me in your setups on Instagram @prestigewallpaper


These files are not meant for reselling, distribution, or commercial use.

If you have questions about this digital file, please feel free to contact me before you purchase and I will be happy to help you.

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10 high quality wallpapers to use everyday!



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